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Winter Watering: Why Do We Need It

Did you know that on average, 10 inches of snow forms only one inch of rain? This essentially means that snowfall is simply inadequate to provide the necessary water for plants in the winter months. All kinds of plants, whether those newly planted or shrubs, especially evergreens, risk frost damage or death due to freezing temperatures in the absence of winter watering. Winter watering helps to keep the soil moist which helps the roots to prevent from drying. Winter days over 5 degrees Celsius means you should consider watering your greens.

Tips for winter watering

Invest in a moisture meter

Most local garden centres will have moisture meters for sale. Buying a 6-12 inch probe is enough for your basic needs. A moisture meter will help you to read the moisture content at the soil level. If you notice that it is too dry, water your greens promptly.


Maintain a consistent frequency of watering. Most experts suggest watering at least twice a month during harsh winter months to prevent the roots from drying up. Water your turf, trees and other plants especially if there is less than two inches of snow. However, make sure to water only when the air and soil temperatures are 5 degrees with no snow.


It is best to water your greens at mid-day. It gives ample time for absorption before the freezing nighttime temperatures kick in. Experts recommend the cycle and soak approach, wherein water is turned on for a specific duration and then turned off to soak the soil. This cycle is repeated. This helps to reduce water wastage, especially when the ground is frozen. Use a hose for grass and shrub beds.

Don’t use an irrigation system

If you try using an irrigation system for winter watering we guarantee you that you are looking at expensive pipe repairs. Irrigation system pipes can freeze completely if water runs through them at cold temperatures. Make sure to avoid using sprinklers and pipes completely, even if they may have sufficient insulation in your opinion.   While watering is crucial for ensuring that your greens remain healthy all through the winter, it may be extremely cumbersome to water the plants especially as the winters turn colder. Plus, keeping track of the watering can be difficult. If you want to get your plants watered during the winter, we at Spicer Landscaping will be happy to do it. Meet or call us today to discuss how we can help you to maintain your lush greens even in freezing winters. We specialize in all kinds of winter landscaping and maintenance solutions.