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At Spicer Landscaping, we pride ourselves in offering the best lawn services to residential and commercial properties in Burlington, Ontario. Spicer Landscaping strives to nurture your lawn care needs, and we’re glad that you’re considering us. Our team is experienced in taking care of lawns of different coverage areas across homes and businesses.

Our year-round lawn service will leave you with a velvety, green oasis that is a visual treat for you and your community. Spicer Landscaping lawn care services not only include the standard mowing and blowing activities, but we also make regular site visits to check on the health of your lawn.

No two lawns are the same, and therefore, our care goes beyond basic maintenance. Please take a look at some of the lawn services we offer in Burlington.

Spicer Landscaping Lawn Care Services in Burlington

Fertilization: Provides your lawn with the essential ingredients it needs for stronger roots. A healthy lawn is luscious and helps prevent the spread of weeds. Think of the oxygen-rich environment you will be surrounded by with proper lawn care. We offer a customized maintenance schedule that suits your needs.

Weed control: Make use of our professional services to get rid of those pesky pests and weeds. We use products that are certified and are effective in getting rid of them. Weed infestation is particularly difficult to get rid of once they spread across your property. Our expertise in weed control will leave your lawns sprawling.

Pest control: Insects and pests breed quickly and require a dedicated approach in order to ensure you’re infestation free. It is advisable to treat for pests and insects in the early stages of detection and damage will be particularly noticeable in dry and weed-covered areas.

Aeration: Thick, luscious, green lawns are a result of proper growing conditions, which includes a good foundation of irrigation, fertilizer and others. Aeration, generally conducted during spring or fall adds to your lawn’s root growth and helps control other problems. The process is known to improve their resistance to pests, diseases and drainage.

Soil revitalization: Spicer Landscaping is experienced in soil revitalization services in Burlington that results in improved quality of the soil and pH value while maintaining the microbial activity in the soil.

For years, Spicer Landscaping is the go-to landscaper for lawn care services, garden services, property maintenance and snow removal service to its patrons in Burlington Ontario.

Our customers include both residential homeowners and commercial businesses. We provide a regular lawn maintenance service and can accommodate properties of various sizes.

We use equipment, tools and vehicles that have been inspected and we abide by government standards. Our staff is trained on and offsite by experts who have spent years working in the lawn care industry.