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When it comes to the cold Canadian winters, the snow that falls is one of the most difficult parts of the season. The snow that falls impacts daily life for everyone during the winter season and is something that needs to be removed. Having a professional snow removal team during the winter can help to keep the snow out of your way and provide you with a peace of mind. The professional snow removal team from Spicer Landscaping are here to provide you with outstanding snow removal services for your business.

Snow Removal Burlington

Quality fleet of New Trucks/Equipment

We have a large fleet of trucks that are ready to remove snow no matter what time of day or what type of snow. Our trucks come equipped with high quality equipment, designed to brave the worst of the Canadian winters. Each and every truck in our fleet comes equipped with GPS tracking, ensure that we dispatch the closest truck whenever you need one.

We have a 24 hour dispatch operator that is monitoring and organizing our fleet to ensure that they are quickly and efficiently clearing snow from wherever they are needed. If you find yourself in need of emergency snow removal, our dispatch operator is sure to direct a truck within our fleet to quickly deal with your problem.

Salting and Sanding Services

Once the snow is gone, you want to make sure that none of it is sticks around should it come back. Our trucks have high quality dispensers for salt and sand to help keep your property free of snow and safe from ice.

At Spicer Landscaping we have over 20 years of experience in the snow removal business. Our honest and dependable service is there to help you out with any winter problems that you may have. Contact us now and get over your winter blues.

Snow Removal