There’s plenty of landscaping styles out there that can make any landscape look phenomenal, but there are definitely some landscaping trends out there that everyone should avoid.


Waterfalls are a massive time and investment that simply don’t work like people think they do. Firstly, they need an appropriate suitable place that is away from hazards like trees, tree roots, and power lines. There’s also the need to space everything out so water can flow properly in and out rather than stagnate. You’ll also need hardscaping elements for support and fish to eat bacteria. Lastly, you also need to consider what to do come winter and all the procedures that come with it.

Native Plants

While the idea behind native plants is on-trend, there are certainly plenty of issues actually using them. Not all native plants you might want can grow successfully just because they “belong” to the region. Not every native plant is hardy or cold/drought tolerant; some of these plants can even take over your garden like a weed. Others are also susceptible to the same insect and disease issues as their non-native counterparts. Don’t just blindly follow a trend; always be careful if you’re going to introduce native plants to your garden.

On-Trend Colours

Planting certain flora in your garden simply to follow a trend is a colossal waste of time and money. Not to mention, said coloured plants might not even work with either your home or your style. Always look at the bigger picture and plan your landscaping so it adds beauty and complements your home, rather than falling prey to constantly shifting trends.

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