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● Laying Sod

Whether you have a dead, weedy lawn or you’re starting fresh with a brand new landscaping project to make your building pop, laying sod is the first step to creating lush green grass. Don’t strain yourself with heavy materials when you don’t have to. Spicer’s expert staff will sod your lawn right the first time.

● Full Property Clean Up

Cleaning up your property can be a big job that can easily take up most of your day or even your weekend. And after you’re done you’re left with a huge pile of garbage bags and debris. Spicer has an expert team of cleaners that will take care of everything including disposal.

Landscaping Services
Snow Removal Service in Burlington

● Walkways

Adding a new walkway is a simple but effective way to update the look of your building. Updating your walkway will boost curbside appeal and increase your professional look.

● Flowers, Shrubs, & Tree Planting

Flowers, shrubs, and plants can make a business feel warm and inviting. Spicer will purchase plants you pick out from the retailer of your choice. If you’re not sure what plants you want, our experienced landscape designers will present you with a number of options.

● Create Garden Beds

Spicer Landscaping will create custom garden beds for your industrial or commercial property. We’ll work with you to sculpt your very own unique garden based on your style and preference. We’ll take care of all gardening concerns including sodding, fertilizing, soil enrichment, planting, transplanting, planting, and removals.

● Mulching

Mulch is very good for your soil and everything that grows out of it. It helps retain moisture in the summer and insulates your garden in the winter. Mulch also prevents weeds from growing and promotes soil nutrition.

Burlington Ontario Landscaping
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● Tree Removal

It can be hard to remove a tree. They often grow up with us and feel almost like a member of the team. But if your tree is diseased, reaching the end of its life cycle, or has already died, it’s time to say goodbye. Spicer’s technicians are trained to remove your trees safely without causing damage to your property.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting adds ambiance to any outdoor space, letting your walkway and gardens stay open past sundown. Landscape lighting also increases safety, security, helps people find your building, and draws attention to special parts of your courtyard. Contact Spicer today to create custom landscape lighting for your commercial property.

Burlington Ontario Landscaping
Burlington Ontario Landscaping