Each and every homeowner wants to have a beautiful, green, healthy lawn, but taking care of lawn maintenance to accomplish that can be a headache. In many cases, homeowners can be inexperienced or they don’t have enough time to properly care for their lawn by themselves. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to look for a reputable lawn care service to help you out. But how can you make sure that you choose the right company for your lawn care needs? Before committing to a lawn care service in Burlington, Ontario, here are some important considerations you should consider.


You should do some research before you decide on a certain lawn care company. There are a lot of lawn care services in Burlington. Conducting a quick Google search will help you compare them to each other. Look for good or bad reviews or if the company has any news articles or awards. You can also ask your family or other people that you trust about the lawn service that they use. This is another great way to find out the reputation of any local lawn care service.


You should be completely sure that the lawn care service you are interested in is licensed according to all of the local by-laws. It could be cheaper to hire a certain company that is unlicensed, but a license will imply that the company you are working with is professional and has the knowledge to work in their field.


Along with being licensed, make sure that the company is also insured. An insured company will mean that you are not responsible if a worker gets injured on your property.


Can you see if the lawn service is part of a provincial or national trade organization? A lawn care company member of a trade organization shows that they are truly dedicated to their profession and are also dedicated to upholding the standards of the lawn care industry.

Customer Care

You should only work with companies and businesses that have your best interest in mind, and who are courteous and respectful of your needs as a customer. Make sure that you are able to communicate with them easily should you have any questions or if a problem comes up.


Pick a lawn care company who takes great care of the equipment they use. The lawnmower blades should always be changed out or sharpened for every ten hours of mowing. You should ask them how often they change out their blades and perform maintenance on their equipment.


What types of contracts will this lawn service require? Is it monthly, or yearly? Will it be required to get a contract or will a verbal agreement be fine? Be sure that you know what is in the contract and that you understand all of the fine print. Will they be able to give you your money back if the service is unsatisfactory? You should ask them.

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