The winter season can affect your interlocking stone because while they can withstand the coldest of temperatures, the colder months can have an impact on interlocking surfaces. During these months, your interlocking stone will need some extra care and attention so that they are protected, and the following guide will help in this regard:

Conduct a Pre-winter Inspection

Inspect all interlock landscaped areas to see if the joints between the pavers are sufficiently filled with polymeric sand and to ensure all paver edging is set securely. It is recommended that you complete this inspection in September or October so that any necessary interlocking maintenance can be done to protect the stones from heaving and shifting during the winter.

Use the Right Ice Melting Products

This will protect your interlocking pavement from becoming slippery. Choose the right products that include a mix of chemicals that are not harmful to pets or plants and select products that won’t harm interlocking slabs because certain ice melting products are better than others. Read the instructions on the label and use just the minimum amount to melt the ice off the stones. Do not use rock salt as a de-icer because it is very harsh on interlock stones and will cause negative side effects over time.

Try not to use a Metal Tip Shovel to Remove Snow and Ice

Metal blades can cause scratching on the surface, and over time, it can etch away the surface of paving, which will affect the appearance of your stones. Use a full plastic shovel as an alternative instead because this will not damage the interlocking stones and will remove the build-up of snow or loosened ice from your interlocking driveway.

Take the Proper Precautions when Using a Snow Blower

You can use snow blowers on interlocking driveways but use a single or double stage snow blower with a rubber paddle instead of a steel blade. If you cannot get your hands on a rubber paddle model, be very careful when operating the steel paddles over your interlocking stones. Use a setting that avoids the blades touching the surface because it can scratch your stones, and this, too, will affect the look of your interlocking pavers.

Never use Snow Plow Trucks on your Interlocking Driveway

Most of these trucks are outfitted with a metal blade, which will scratch your interlocking stones very badly. This will destroy their appearance completely, even if the company places a rubber protector on the blade of their truck. This step can still have negative effects on your interlocking area and the pressure of the truck pushing the blade down into your driveway can cause your interlock pavers to shift.

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