Landscapes are incredibly complex things that can take a lot of work to get right. The main issue is that there’s only a limited time to effectively work on the ideal landscape. However, if you plan ahead and make the right decisions, you can make the most out of the ideal fall landscape season.

By dividing your perennials, you’ll be able to fit new plants in more areas without any additional cost. Try digging up plants that have gotten too big, cutting them in half, and replanting each half in separate areas to start new gardens.

Another good idea is transplanting small to mid-sized shrubs, especially if their original areas have become increasingly crowded; certain shrubs like azaleas and boxwood are easy to move. Once everything’s done and planted, you’ll have plenty of “new” plants that you can create completely new landscaped areas with. You should make sure that anything you’re moving is well-hydrated, however, so that they can properly survive the move and ingrate properly.

Make sure to weed thoroughly as well, especially the roots; certain weeds grow especially deep. This way, come next season, you’ll have a better chance to effectively control their spread.

A proper spring clean-up, even in the fall, means you’ll be able to get right into it come spring. Not only does this clean-up ease your burden come spring, but your garden’s mulch is refreshed much faster and weed control is much better as well.

Finally, fall is practically the best season when it comes to seeding and reseeding your lawn. The roots are active, there’s plenty of rain, and the soil is warmed by the sun; all three are vital elements in promoting lawn growth and boosting your current lawn’s performance. Fall is also the ideal season to begin planting new plants; with summer over, there’s little threat of drought and blistering heat, which can be detrimental to new flowers and shrubs.

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