Fall is the perfect time to plan ahead when it comes to your landscape by completing a few specific tasks that will help you maintain what you’ve achieved so that you don’t have to start from scratch when spring arrives. The right steps will extend the life of your garden and the value of your landscape so that you can enjoy it year after year.

The following tasks should be done in the fall so that you make the most out of your landscape:

  1. Remove any weeds you see, including roots, so that they don’t spread as easily when spring rolls around. You must complete this task thoroughly so that you gain control and the weeds do not ruin your landscape. Many people believe they can stop weeding at the end of the summer season, but in reality, it should be done throughout fall; otherwise, they’ll continue to seed and spread in the coming year.
  2. Fall is the perfect season for seeding and reseeding lawns because the soil is warm, roots will be actively growing and rain will return, all of which are key elements in encouraging new lawn areas to grow while improving the performance of your current lawn. Seed during the fall season and you will see the results in your landscape come spring.
  3. Introduce new plants into your landscape by planting in the fall. The hot summer temperatures can work against you, which is why the cool yet warm season of fall is the ideal time to install new plants. Focus primarily on areas that need to be refreshed so that by the time spring arrives, that area will be ready and you will see an improvement.
  4. If you find that your smaller shrubs have become too crowded, dig a few of them up during the fall when temperatures start to cool and move them to a new area. This will allow you to have more plants in different areas, all of which are visible, to create a new landscape with a cleaner look. Make sure the plants are hydrated and start digging away!
  5. Complete a general clean-up that includes raking leaves, edging your beds and anything else that will help your landscape be tidy and clean. This will help you in the spring because your landscape will be easier to deal with and you’ll notice a lot fewer weeds.

Taking action during the fall season will ensure your landscape is ready for spring so that you can spend less time working and more time enjoying the outdoors during the warmer months. If you’re in Burlington, Ontario, contact Spicer Landscaping for all of your outdoor needs. They will transform your current outdoor