If you are looking for an interlocking stone driveway company in the Burlington area, research is a must because there are a few key pieces of information you need to look out for, and the following guide will help you hire a professional company that is reputable:

Make Sure They are Licensed

The contractors you hire must be licensed and should have all of the proper certifications. Do not hire a company unless they can provide you with these documents and ask to see proof so that you can confirm that their license is valid. You can do a background check, and having this information will provide you with peace of mind because you will know the company can be trusted.

Check on Their Experience

The longer they’ve been in the industry, the more reputable they will be because it’s a sign that customers are happy with their process and their results. A company that has lasted many years means they serve their customers well, and the community has placed their trust in them, so you will be happy with your experience. Talk to the contractors about this aspect and their previous work so that you get an understanding of their skills and what sets them apart. This will allow you to decide whether or not they are right for your project.

Ask About a Warranty

This is something you need to confirm, so make sure you ask this question because it is extremely important that the company provides you with one. If they do not, they are not worth hiring, so move on to another company instead. No warranty will not protect you against damage, and it’s also a sign that the company is not confident with their work. All reputable contractors will offer a warranty, which will ensure your driveway in case of damage, so make sure you confirm that aspect.

Make Sure They Provide You With a Plan

The company must be able to provide a step-by-step plan along with a detailed design so that the customer can visualize how their driveway will look. You need to have an understanding of the results and what your driveway will look like after completion, so they need to help you design the project and must make you feel comfortable so that you can ask questions about the project’s progress.

Find Out if Maintenance is Included

A lot of interlocking companies offer yearly maintenance, so inquire about this aspect as it would allow you to get your driveway checked regularly for signs of damage or wear. If the company offers maintenance, ask them about the cost and schedule and how much of it is covered by their warranty.
The experts at Spicer Landscaping can help with all of your interlocking needs. You can always rely on our team and our services, so if you are looking for a reputable interlocking stone driveway company in Burlington, contact us today!