As with anything related to the design of your home, your outdoor space should be a reflection of you, your sense of style and your lifestyle. A beautiful landscape will add value to your home and provide you with an outdoor space that your whole family will enjoy. Of course, everyone enjoys their space differently depending on their lifestyle so consider your needs and preferences before deciding on the type of landscape you want for your home.

Low Maintenance Lawn

Waterfalls are a massive time and investment that simply don’t work like people think they do. Firstly, they need an appropriate suitable place that is away from hazards like trees, tree roots, and power lines. There’s also the need to space everything out so water can flow properly in and out rather than stagnate. You’ll also need hardscaping elements for support and fish to eat bacteria. Lastly, you also need to consider what to do come winter and all the procedures that come with it.

Native Plants

If your lifestyle is low maintenance, it may be tough to maintain a green garden full of lush greenery and flowers because you may be a single homeowner, a busy professional or have mobility issues all of which will prevent you from maintaining the foliage.

However, low maintenance does not mean that you can’t have a beautiful garden. You can focus on elements like sand, stone, and wood to replace the green aspect and create a stunning modern outdoor space. You can install a deck, create stone pathways and plant in a couple of low maintenance trees to include greenery. These elements will allow you to have a beautiful garden that is easy to upkeep.

Child-Friendly Backyard

If you have children and your lifestyle requires a family environment, your landscape needs to integrate an area where they can play and grow. You can choose to have a courtyard where they can play sports and indulge in outdoor activities or install a playground with a swing and slide.

Integrating a playground in your backyard does not mean your landscape has to be dedicated completely to your children. You can still have a stylish landscape thanks to the modern designs available these days. You can incorporate a vegetable garden to teach them about healthy eating habits by enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables that they plant themselves. They will love picking and preparing meals with fresh produce with you!

Enjoy entertaining and hosting parties? It’s a great idea to party outdoors. You can create a landscape that fits this lifestyle then. Pick durable, attractive outdoor furniture to accommodate your guests and create the feeling of a lounge along with an outdoor kitchen to make hosting easier.

How about a bonfire pit to create a welcoming ambiance? Then invite your guests to enjoy drinks, delicious appetizers and laugh the night away in your beautiful outdoor space.

Spicer Landscaping in Burlington

Whatever lifestyle you prefer, Spicer Landscaping in Burlington, Ontario, can help you create an outdoor landscape that compliments it! We will help you create an environment that you will love and spend long hours in. Give us a call when you’re looking to elevate your current outdoor space.