Does Lawn Care Affect Your Property Value?

When you are considering selling your home, be informed that there will be some obvious reasons why your real estate value may be less than you expected. These include reasons like a noisy neighbourhood, distasteful billboards, schools with lower rankings, etc. While not all these things are under your control, having a well-maintained property is definitely under your control. No matter where you are trying to sell your real estate in Canada, owning a well-maintained lawn will improve your chances of getting a reasonable price.

Creating the first impression

They say never judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, this saying is completely untrue when dealing with property selling. A well-manicured lawn creates a long-lasting and positive first impression on the buyer. Remember that the buyer is not just looking at your property but many others available in the market. An attractive and well-maintained lawn may encourage the buyer to shortlist your property promptly.

Setting a good word

When buyers go to select homes for themselves, one of the things that they look for is minimum immediate maintenance. A lawn that has been well kept and looks aesthetically pleasing elevates your property value in the buyer’s mind. If your exteriors look presentable and well maintained, it is naturally assumed that your home is also well maintained and cared for. Such a perception is vital if you want to get a reasonable price for your home.

Winning Edge

A well-maintained lawn can potentially help you to boost your base price. It can act as a selling point, especially if your locality has a fewer number of well-maintained lawns. Real estate professionals agree that buyers are even ready to shell out four to five thousand extra for a well-manicured lawn when comparing identical properties. Lawns can help you to add a premium on your price.

Building trust

The exteriors of your home speak volumes about the interiors of your home. It may seem far fetched, but research has revealed that a clean well maintained lawn and garden leads potential buyers to invest greater degree on the overall quality of the property. Buyers are inclined to believe that if the exterior is well maintained, the homeowner has taken adequate care to maintain the interiors as well. This trust helps to make your property lucrative in the competitive real estate market.

Whether you are selling your property or not, a well-maintained lawn can make your home look beautiful and appealing. Having a well manicured and landscaped lawn is easy with Spicer Landscaping. Their crew of experts make sure to beautify and design your garden with utmost care and aesthetics.