Different Seasons Landscaping Design

Canadians are fortunate to enjoy four different seasons. However, the weather is starting to become unpredictable making it harder for homeowners to spend leisure time in their outer spaces. April 2018 has been everything but a start to warmer spring. We’ve been experiencing record hitting cold temperatures, freezing rain, snow and powerful winds. Southwestern Ontario was even under a freezing rain warning.

In the colder months, we await the warmth so we can sit in our backyards and breathe in fresh air while enjoying a hot cup of coffee or refreshing Mojito. Wouldn’t it be nicer if the use of our outer spaces wasn’t limited to warmer temperatures?

We have the option of designing our backyards keeping all temperatures in mind, and thus, utilizing them all year round. Covered landscape structures entail shielding your space with overhead arrangements and installing heating methods, such as heating lamps and fireplace. These are the quickest methods of warming up your backyards in cooler temperatures of fall and winter, while also making cold summer nights warm.

Winds are the number one indicator of colder temperatures. You can shield your backyard from cold breeze by installing custom-built screens. They will also uplift the visual aspect of your outer spaces.

If you are ready to prepare your backyard for maximum utilization or need help cleaning out and maintaining all that Canadian seasons bring with them, you should contact Spicer Landscaping and Snow Removal services as soon as possible!

Landscaping has to be the number one task when you’re gearing up for the summer. Offering services in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Hamilton, Spicer landscaping has a variety of packages to offer that can make uplift your backyard.

They believe laying sod is the first step to creating lush green grass, and you won’t have to struggle with heavy equipment because Spicer’s expert staff will get it right the first time.

Property clean up can be time-consuming, and we’re often left dealing with a massive pile of debris and garbage bags. Spicer landscaping offers a team of cleaners that will clean your outer spaces and dispose of the trash. You may contact them to plant trees, shrubs and flowers and design exteriors. They also offer to pick up the materials of your choice from a retailer, selected by you. Spicer landscaping also specializes in creating garden beds, mulching your soil, removing the tree(s), and creating custom lighting for your property.

Along with landscaping, Spicer landscaping also provides property maintenance and snow removal services . Property maintenance services consist of weekly clean up and maintenance assistance, fertilization and aeration, cultivating and edging all flower beds, weed control, shrubs and tree pruning. The expert staff at Spicer has 20 years of snow plowing experience. They offer 24/7 on-call operators to respond to your snow removal needs and provide reliable cleaning, salting and sanding services with their new and GPS equipped trucks.

Spicer landscaping and snow removal services give free estimates through their website, spicerlandscaping.ca. You may also give them a call at (905) 220-0862 or write to them at [email protected]