To Plant Grass Seeds or Lay Sod

Whether you have been a bit neglectful of your lawn and it is looking a little worse for wear, or you moved into a new house, and the yard is not up to your standards, you will be looking to sod or seed. There are pros and cons to going with both methods, and it depends [...]

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Weed control methods for your lawn

Keeping your lawn and garden weed free will beautify your yard and will allow the grass and plants that you want to have the room to flourish. When you get weeds, though, how do you deal with them? Especially without weed killers that can hurt plants and grass in your garden that you want to [...]

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Landscaping Design Tips

Landscaping can be a difficult undertaking for those who are new to taking care of a yard. Knowing what works, what might cause damage, and how to make everything look good is an art that comes through practice, research, and a bit of ingenuity. The important thing is not to get overwhelmed. Landscaping is a [...]

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Different Seasons Landscaping Design

Canadians are fortunate to enjoy four different seasons. However, the weather is starting to become unpredictable making it harder for homeowners to spend leisure time in their outer spaces. April 2018 has been everything but a start to warmer spring. We’ve been experiencing record hitting cold temperatures, freezing rain, snow and powerful winds. Southwestern Ontario was even under [...]

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