If your pavement or patio could use an upgrade, interlocking stones are the way to go. Not only will this option elevate the appearance of your outdoor space, it will also transform your exterior completely, so this is definitely something you should consider if you’re planning on replacing your driveway or patio. Interlocking pavers can withstand daily use and extreme weather conditions and provide homeowners with a number of benefits, including the following:


If looks are a priority, interlocking pavers are ideal because they will boost your curb appeal and will provide your exterior with beauty. There are endless ways to combine colours, shapes, materials and patterns, so your driveway or patio will be unique and will reflect your personality. Your exterior will be one-of-a-kind, and your home will stand out for all of the right reasons. There is no better option because no other material will look as good, so consider interlocking pavers.


If you want a surface that’s going to last for years, interlocking stones are the answer. Having them installed by a professional landscaping company will ensure they are durable, and because the pavers themselves are made of strong materials like concrete, brick or natural stone, you’ll never have to worry. There will be small gaps between each stone, so your surface will be equipped to resist changes that your property may go through as a result of fluctuating weather conditions throughout the different seasons.


Interlocking stones require very little maintenance, so you’ll be very happy with this aspect. Other materials will require sanding, staining or regular sealing every year, but with interlocking stones, you’ll never have to worry about any of these steps. All you will have to do is pressure clean them every now and then, and you will also have to sweep the sand between the pavers so that weeds do not sprout. If damage ever occurs, it’s usually very easy to fix, and you may even be able to do the repair on your own.


Like most projects, cost is very important, and the price of interlocking stones may seem expensive at first, but when you factor in their durability and low maintenance, the costs will be well worth it. Additionally, you need to factor in their lifespan, which is a lot longer than most other patio materials, so don’t look at cost alone and consider every aspect. The benefits far outweigh the price, so look at the bigger picture.

Installing interlocking stones is a great idea, and Spicer Landscaping can help you complete this project. We will provide you with the results you are after and will make sure your exterior is to your liking. Our team will bring your vision to life, so if you’re ready for an upgrade, contact us today!